In recent years, there's been a interesting marriage between technology and nature - at least where aesthetics are concerned. The popularity of wood being used in device design has skyrocketed with modern handsets, and bamboo has been the most sought-after of the bunch. The unfortunate part is that not every manufacturer has embraced this new design element, and the ones that have are jacking the price up for the use of natural materials.

But now, thanks to dbrand, there's a way to figuratively have your cake and eat it too - with the company's new bamboo skins for essentially all popular devices, you can give your handset the look and feel of bamboo right now. Notice that last bit? Yeah, feel. dbrand has not only found a way to create a skin that has the same look of what's arguably the most attractive wood on the planet, but also the texture.

And of course the fit of these skins is absolutely perfect for every device the company produces for. What that means for you is a completely realistic bamboo handset that's the closest thing you'll find to the "real thing" without having to pay and absurd fee to an outside company to completely customize your phone, ya dig?

To celebrate the launch of this innovative new skin, dbrand is offering a site-wide 25% off sale for the next 24 hours. Don't want bamboo? Don't sweat it - get whatever skin you've been eyeing  and you'll automatically get it for cheaper. But only for today, so do your thing quickly.

All skins - including bamboo - are available in dbrand's interactive customization tool, making it easy to figure out what's going to look best on your device before you buy anything. Head here to get started.

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