T-Mobile is first out of the gate with an official update to Android 5.1.1 for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. You can head to the update menu right this minute and start downloading the 630MB OTA.

2015-06-15 09.37.44 2015-06-15 09.44.12

The changelog for this update isn't terribly detailed, but here's what we've got.

  • Anti-theft (device protection)
  • Black boxes in email is resolved
  • Camera LED flashlight is resolved
  • Check for Amazon error is resolved
  • Failed to reboot – error message is resolved
  • Fingerprint scanner improvements
  • Various bug fixes and device improvements

Being a 5.1.1 build, there are several new things. For example, heads-up notifications are much less annoying. You also get device protection features (Samsung calls this anti-theft). The OTA comes with the usual collection of fixes and smaller feature additions too. We'll dig in and see if there's anything else of note to report.

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