According to M&A giant Mesa Global, Ouya has officially been acquired by Razer, as was rumored last week. No details of the transaction were provided.

Razer, a PC and gaming accessory manufacturer with ecosystem fantasies, recently launched its Forge Android TV "console" to outright terrible customer reviews on Amazon largely because the box shipped without Netflix support or the promised PC game streaming feature meant to compete with NVIDIA's GameStream technology. Basically, it's junk at the moment - buggy and incomplete.


Ouya, a Kickstarter Cinderella story if Cinderella ended with the protagonist being sold into human bondage as a mannequin model at a moderately successful but tasteless high-end garment and shoe factory, also shipped a console box thing at one point, and we thought it was also pretty much terrible.

Ouya wandered the startup waters for a couple of years before it became painfully obvious they were going nowhere fast, and the fact that they got bought by a company that makes this pretty much suggests they were a near-untouchable property coming into 2015.

Why Razer bought Ouya is unclear, as are the purchase price, which talent from Ouya will be joining Razer (if any), and whether Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman will be continuing on in some role at the company's new home.