So you were at a party or on a trip, and you want to share the photos of the event with everyone else who was there. Better upload them, make an album, send links, and so on. Right? Wrong! Or so says Facebook. The new Moments app lets you create synced albums that are shared only with the people you choose so they can view and save the photos.

Facebook's angle with Moments is that it helps you get pictures you might be in. It uses facial recognition to make suggestions about photos you might want to share with one person or another, but that's just for starters. You can manually select photos as well and share them with anyone in your Facebook friends list.

Shared photos are accessible in the app can can be saved to your phone, shared directly to Facebook, or sent in Messenger. This app doesn't require any other Facebook apps to be on your phone, but you will (obviously) need a Facebook account.

Moments by Facebook
Moments by Facebook
Developer: Facebook
Price: Free