The Nexus 6 is great. It's also expensive, which is why the current $150 discount in the Google Store and other retailers is going over so well. But if you act quickly you can get Google's flagship phone for even less: an eBay seller is offering the standard 32GB blue model for $439.99, just over two hundred bucks off of the retail price. Discounts like this on Nexus phones are rare, and this is a new model, not refurbished.


The savings add up, too. US buyers get free standard shipping, and as long as you live outside Illinois you can skip the sales tax carefully report the purchase on your state tax return. (Sorry, international readers, the seller isn't shipping outside the United States.)

This deal will go very quickly, and there's no telling how much stock the seller has on hand. If you want a Nexus 6 at an awesome discount, get your order in as fast as you can.