And before you have a chance, yes, that is a screenshot of the iOS version. I just wanted a pretty picture for the article. I'm sorry. Now, back to the news! If you've been keeping an eye on E3 the last 24 hours, you probably heard something about Fallout Something Or Other For Mobile, or more accurately, Fallout Shelter - Bethesda's new vault-builder game for mobile devices. It's out on iOS now, and it's super fun. You can expect our review of it later this week.

The game is free to play, really doesn't even encourage you to spend any money, and is just meant to be a fun time-killer for fans and non-fans of the Fallout franchise alike. Think of it like a companion app, except for a game that isn't out yet. And not horrible. Here's a video of the gameplay.

According to a Bethesda employee, the game will launch on Android, just not yet. When? There's no more info - all we have is an allusion to the fact that it will happen.

Having played a few hours of the game last night, I can say it's definitely a worthwhile download for fans of the franchise, and seems extraordinarily well-made without being unnecessarily complex or difficult, because it isn't an IAP consumer-hating suck-fest leeching on a popular brand published by a company with a reputation for pissing off its loyal customer pretty much constantly. Hi EA!

We'll let you know if we learn more about Fallout Shelter's Android launch, and I'll [attempt] to talk to Bethesda at E3 this week.

Bethesda says the game will be out for Android "in a few months." Hopefully.