You can swap out pretty much all of the default apps on your phone for something else, including the one that manages your contacts. Addappt (yes, that's with one too many d's and p's) is an alternative that saves you the hassle of messaging all of your friends whenever your number changes or accidentally sending an email to an address that has been deleted. With this app, users automatically update one another whenever they make changes, so everyone is always current.

Version 2.0 has hit the Play Store, and it brings with it a number of changes. There's a new interface that, while not a fully material experience, looks more modern. It introduces what the developer calls "Smart Favorites," contacts listed across the top that remember the last method you used to communicate with each person.

Addappt1 Addappt2

This release automatically imports any groups you set up in your default contacts app. It fixes support that was broken in the previous version when Lollipop started hitting devices. New swipe gestures allow you to easily edit and communicate with groups.

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The downside to Addappt remains the same as before. You can only get full use out of this app if you can convince your friends, family members, and colleagues to also get on board. Otherwise you're still stuck typing in information by hand. Good luck.

What's New:

  • Completely redesigned with a modern new user interface for faster navigation.
  • Favorites at the top remember how you last communicated (tap ‘Contacts’ tab to reach Favorites from anywhere).
  • Create, edit and delete groups. Easily add contacts to groups using search (by name, organization or job title).
  • Swipe contacts and groups for quick actions.
  • Send group email or group messages.

addappt: up-to-date contacts
addappt: up-to-date contacts