Google's voice search function is pretty impressive, especially if you compare it to some of the alternatives that we used to have. But it's by no means perfect - proper nouns and regional accents can sometimes throw it for a loop, necessitating manual text input. But if you'd rather give it another go while restricting your voice input to specific words, that's now an option. One of our readers found this particular tool - we're not sure how long it's been active in Google Search, but it's quite handy.


When you use a voice search in Google Search and it returns an incorrect word, tap the word in the search field to highlight it. (This only works in Google Search, not in generic text entry fields, but "OK Google" entries count.) If Google isn't confident in its voice-to-text result, it will give you the option to "respeak" right below the search box. Tap the button and Google will immediately start listening again, but only for that specific word. Neat!

  • Thanks:
  • Shoumma Shams