Google Hangouts 4.0 is coming. With it come status messages, a more modern chat interface, and a refreshed overall layout that now includes a floating action button. Oh, and there's an Android Wear Hangouts app finally.

But Hangouts is probably far from the world's most popular messaging platform, even if it is the descendent of the widely-used Google Talk (which is now a term so dated to me that I actually had to make sure that's what it was called). There's Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Apple Messages, Skype - and that's just naming a few. Not to mention plain old SMS, which I'm guessing most of us use at least sometimes.

So, do you use Hangouts? And what are your thoughts on Hangouts 4.0 based on what we've shown you? Are you excited about the changes? Still tearing your hair out that Google hasn't developed a tablet UI? I know I'm personally quite happy that Hangouts is coming to Android Wear - it was easily one of Wear's biggest weaknesses for me, as I've been using Google's chat client, whatever form it has taken, since 2006. Not having that on my smartwatch was definitely a bit of a bummer. As for the phone client? While I'm not sure I can set a status message with a straight face no longer being an angsty teenager in high school, I'm liking the visual update, for sure. It fits in much better with the rest of Google's material-style apps.

Anyway, vote, and get talking!

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