SoundCloud version 15.06.09 is now rolling out to devices, but its visual changes aren't immediately apparent. Here's where you need to look. When you go to record audio, you're in for a much whiter experience. And no, I'm not talking about anyone's lyrics.

SoundCloud1 SoundCloud2

Left: Old, Right: New

Rather than changing everything all at once, SoundCloud has introduced material elements bit by bit. The most pressing ones came at the beginning of this year, but the recording interface went untouched. Now it better fits in with the app's new current look and feel.


The same can be said for SoundCloud's playback widget. Before it looked like a rounded holdover from the Gingerbread days. Now it's a white rectangle that also displays album art.

SoundCloud6 SoundCloud7

Left: Old, Right: New.

That covers the bulk of it. Here's the changelog and a download link. You know what to do with both.

What's New:

  • Material design update of the playback widget which now features track artwork
  • A complete revamp of the recording functionality
  • A cleaner stream with removal of duplicate tracks
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements