The app has been effectively abandoned for several years, but today it has finally been updated with a design that won't make your eyes bleed. If that's not a worthwhile improvement, I don't know what is. There are a few other improvements too. Stop spoiling us,

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Here's the changelog for v2.0.

  • Complete redesign
  • Scrobble from more sources including Soundcloud, Spotify, Rdio and more..
  • New personalised charts including artists, albums and tracks
  • ‘Love’ tracks is a service that tracks what you listen to (scrobbling) and presents recommendations, tour dates, and so on. The app has been on Android for ages, but it hasn't seen any UI improvements since the Froyo days. Look at these screenshots of the old version.

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The old app

The new app might not quite be material, but it's a huge improvement over that. The addition of more scrobbling services is nice too... but oh god, look at those tabs. The horror.
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Price: Free