Buying an Android phone can be intimidating, what with all the options out there. Google has a new tool that might help you narrow things down a little, and it's right there on the main Android phone homepage under "Find the Android phone for you." Just answer some question and the Google machine spits out some suggestions.

2015-06-11 19_03_48-Android – Which Phone

The tool offers a dozen different categories like taking photos, being productive, and web browsing. You can enable as many as you want and set options for each one. For example, if you say taking photos is important, you'll input how often you take photos and what sort of functionality you want. Once you have added at least three criteria, the tool will offer to show you some phones.

2015-06-11 19_06_09-Android – Which Phone

The tool can narrow things down by carrier, or just show you everything. It seems to lean heavily on flagship phones like the One M9 and Galaxy S6. It's also very general in what it considers a match for your inputs. The M9 shows up if you list photos as an important feature because it captures "spectacular detail." We all know that's not true, though. It might be good for pointing you in the right directions, though.