Some updates get everyone excited. Others appeal to a select few. Google 5.7 is more of the latter. There are a few tweaks here, and while they're not going to drastically alter your Google+ing all that much, they're still worth a peek. So here's a look.

What's New

You know the floating action button that hovers in the bottom right corner? Usually it's red, and there's a white pencil inside. Tapping it allows you to quickly make a post.

Now when you're browsing a community, that button turns gray.

Screenshot_2015-06-10-11-27-24 Screenshot_2015-06-10-11-30-19

Left: Gray FAB in communities, Right: Spinning loading indicator for profiles

Another change makes Google+ come off as a tad less flaky. Now when you tap on a profile and it takes a few moments to appear, a spinner will drop down to let you know that the app is loading. In previous versions, Google+ would just zoom in on the profile picture and momentarily appear to freeze up. This is what we in the business call a welcome change.

The minor tweaks don't stop there. Over on the Settings page, you will see that Auto Backup has disappeared.


With Photos finally having separated from Google+, we're happy to say goodbye.


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