Samsung may have backed away from microSD cards with the Galaxy S6, but other manufacturers are filling in the void. For those of you with an HTC One M9, an LG G4, or any of the other bajillion Android devices with expandable memory, Amazon is currently holding a sale on Transcend storage.

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Today you can get a 32GB card for only $12 or one with twice the storage for $23. This is a few dollars less than what SanDisk and PNY are currently charging for the same capacity, and significantly cheaper than Lexar. Both cards offer transfer speeds of 45MB/s and come with adapters. They also ship with Amazon's frustration-free packaging.

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If your music or photo library won't fit onto something limited to 64GB, check out Lexar's listings for a discounted microSD card offering 128GB. It will cost you $73, but that's not bad for the size.

Regular SD cards from Transcend are available too in sizes ranging from 32GB to 128GB. The high end tops out at just $55. You can also get flash sticks and SSD drives for no more than $72. The sale ends in roughly sixteen hours.