These days you can probably find someone to give you an Android Wear device, if you're not too picky about which model you select. But if you've had your heart set on Sony's latest take on the smartwatch, now's the time to bust out your wallet. Online retailer Expansys is selling the SmartWatch 3 for $149.99 on its American storefront. The listing says it's 50% off, but the Sony Store and Google Store are selling the standard SW3 for $200, so it's more like 50 bucks off of the standard price.


According to Ryan Whitwam's review, the SmartWatch 3 isn't the best all-around Android Wear device available, but it's a great choice if you want long battery life. Unfortunately this is the standard version with the black silicon band, not the more swanky steel version, which is going for a whopping $120 premium on the same site.

The Expansys deal comes with free standard shipping, which helps make it more attractive versus Amazon's only slightly less discounted price of $176, though that may still be the better option for Prime subscribers. The Expansys page doesn't mark this as any sort of limited deal, so perhaps it's simply the new low price, but I'd get an order in anyway if you want to take advantage of the discount.

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