The developers at Titanium Track continue plugging away at their beloved app, which reaches version 7.2.0 with its latest update. While we do get the standard variety of minor enhancements and bug fixes, the main draw this time is the addition of some formal support for Android M. It appears Titanium Backup had some function with the M Preview initially, but that would have been merely incidental. With some time to work on it, the development team has pushed changes that are specifically targeted to getting it to work on the newest Android version.

Based on their changelog, it seems one problem with the preview builds was detecting the folder where users had stored their backups. That has been taken care of. The other not-so-surprising issue was the occasional force close, which has also been addressed. Many early adopters are going to be very glad to see Android M support, since getting M on your Nexus device requires a full wipe. If you dare use it as a daily driver, the transition can be made much easier if you import your Titanium backups (and continue keeping them in case things go awry).

And since you will need some off-site storage for those backups, you might also be glad to see some fixes for your various storage options. A minor fix includes getting external SD card support for the HTC One Max, a phone that you certainly don't hear about every day. For broader appeal, an authentication issue with Box was fixed. If you had signed in when Box was using its older API, you would get a non-working login screen. Version 7.2 also includes an easier way to clear your authentication tokens for each cloud storage service.

Here's the full changelog:

  • [PRO] Added an easy way to clear Dropbox/Box/GDrive authentication tokens.
  • Added initial support for Android M preview.
  • Added support for external SD card on HTC One Max.
  • Added “copy IP address to clipboard” feature in TB Web Server.
  • [PRO] Fixed bug in Box API code: if the authentication was made on the older Box API, a non-working login panel would appear.
  • [PRO] Fixed inability to clear the authentication token for Box.
  • Fixed incorrect URL display with IPV6 in TB Web Server.
  • Fixed FC when launching TB on some platforms running Android M preview.
  • Fixed backup folder detection issue on Android M preview.
  • Minor fixes & improvements.
  • Updated translations.