Joining an ever-growing group of popular apps with beta communities, Spotify has introduced one of their own. The most popular on-demand streaming music service will undoubtedly draw a lot of interest from its users, though, so it is not wide open like many beta programs are. To join, you must first send in an "application" and wait for approval.


It's not exactly a resume, since you only have to give them your Google email address, Spotify username, and community forum username (why these are not the same thing is beyond me). Judging by my own experience and the responses to their announcement, they are not simply rubber-stamping every single request as soon as it's received, either. It doesn't appear they are really choosing testers based on their merit, but rather just on a first-come, first-serve basis with limited spots available.

They have not announced anything in particular that they are testing right now, so regard this as a general sort of thing rather than Spotify preparing for some sort of major feature upgrade. One thing I can tell you right away that is not included in the beta builds is Chromecast support, so you will have to keep waiting for that.

To apply, go to this page and follow the instructions. You will need to have a Spotify Community Forums username to proceed.