Sony has updated the product page for its Xperia Z4 Tablet in the UK, and it's not the good kind of update. The date listed for the product to start shipping has been changed from today to June 17th. Nice last minute switcheroo there, Sony.


This is also just the listing for the LTE version of the tablet, priced at £579 ($884). It does come with a keyboard, though. The WiFi version of the tablet had a product page before, but now it's missing. This is the second time it's disappeared, actually.

It's not clear Sony is going to really put any effort into selling this device in the UK, let alone in other regions. They decided to call the Z4 phone the Z3+ outside of Japan, so maybe there are some changes happening behind the scenes. That might be a good thing. Very few people are going to buy an $800 Sony tablet.

LTE gone, WiFi back

Boy, Sony just can't make up its mind. The LTE tablet is gone from the site now, but the WiFi version has returned with a shipping date of June 29th. I kind of doubt this thing is ever coming out.