Another version of Snapchat has arrived, and if you blink, you might miss what's new (though you could always take a screenshot). This release makes an addition to protect your account. Snapchatters can now find the option to enable login verification and require an SMS code when signing in.

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As is always the case with SMS-based two-factor authentication, this feature requires your phone number. Whenever you or someone tries to login to your account, Snapchat will ask for both a password and a code sent via text to those digits. This way you can rest a little bit easier knowing you're doing a better job of stopping someone else from sending dick pics in your name (which I imagine would be especially awkward for those of you who lack the equipment to send such pics yourselves).

Moving on, Snapchat 9.9 will also let you double tap the screen to switch between the front and rear-facing cameras. The changelog says this works while recording, but I only got it to play along on the main screen before taking a photo or recording a snap. Speak up in the comments if your experience is different.

Snapchat has since removed the mention of double tapping the screen from the changelog.

What's New:

  • Double tap the screen while recording a Snap to switch between the selfie and rear-facing cameras!
  • Login Verification — when you log in to Snapchat on a new device, we can send you a SMS code to make sure it’s you! Turn on this feature in Settings.
  • Battery filters — add a little something to your Snaps when you’re all juiced up :) or low on battery :("

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