The PBS Video Android app has gained support for a cheap little media stick that frees shows from mobile devices and sticks them on something bigger. This way users can go back to viewing shows like Frontline, NOVA, and PBS NewsHour the way they've been watching them for decades.

Chromecast support works the way you're likely already familiar with. You open up the app, you locate the icon in the top-right corner, you select the dongle you want to cast to, and you watch your show.


The adult PBS Android app gains Chromecast support nearly a year after the PBS Kids one did, but hey, parents are used to putting their children first. Nothing new there, I suppose. While that app was a colorful and bubbly affair, this one is very material. It is about as Lollipop-y as a media company's streaming app gets. And as usual with PBS, it's free.

What's New:

PBS Video for Android brings many new and improved features to the PBS Video mobile experience including:

  • Chromecast integration
  • Easy to use Watchlist section to resume watching videos and save videos for later
  • TV Schedules from your local PBS Station to view what's on in your area tonight!

Thank you for supporting PBS!