"Don't forget me, guys," Facebook Messenger said as it scooted in through the door that nearly closed in its face.

"Sorry, didn't see you coming," YouTube said. "You have one billion views?"

"Installs, and yes," Gmail said, putting down a bottle of something expensive and walking over. "See?"

Screenshot 2015-06-09 at 2.19.56 PM

"It was only a matter of time," Gmail, the oldest member of the club, continued. "I started drafting Messenger's invite back when Facebook first got in."

Gmail gestured its glass towards the table where Facebook was seated, networking with a couple of apps it didn't like.

"Yeah, I never received that message," Facebook Messenger said.

"Weird," Gmail said, swirling its wine glass around before taking a sip. "I forwarded it to WhatsApp to send it to you after our group chat."

"You did not!" WhatsApp cut in. Then, it turned to Messenger with a smile. "Dude, I would have totally IMed you if I knew."

"It's cool," Facebook Messenger said. "I mean, we live together, but it's not like we talk to one another."

WhatsApp looked offended, its mouth forming a capital O.

"You and Play Books basically arrived at the same time," Google Maps said as it walked over, having noticed the discussion nearby. "Why didn't you guys ride together?"

"We did!" Facebook Messenger replied. "Play Books just had its nose in some novel the entire time. He didn't even realize Lyft was taking us to the same place."

"That's just like Play Books," Google+ shouted from across the room. "So anti-social."

"It's true," Google Text-to-Speech chimed in.

"Et tu, TTS?" Play Books retorted. "I was only staring at that book because you never finished reading it to me."

"Slow down, guys," Google Maps interrupted. "I didn't mean to start you down this path."

"OK, Google Maps, now that I'm here... where's the nearest bathroom?" Facebook Messenger asked, its eyes turning into X's.

"I don't know where the nearest bathroom is," Google Search jumped in.

"Messenger didn't ask you," Google Maps said, steering the new member away from Search. "Follow me, I'll show you."

The door closed behind Facebook Messenger as it followed Google Maps deeper into the exclusive club.