Automating your Android device can be done in various ways, but at some point something is going to plug into Tasker. It's just an unavoidable outcome of the process. This one app has roughly a zillion triggers and settings, and it's getting even more today with the v4.7 update. Seriously, the changelog is about 100 items long.

Here are the highlights from the changelog.

  • Android app backup support (disabled by default)
  • dynamic configuration (and task) loading for e.g. remote device administration
  • improved local backup/restore
  • individual context activation states shown in UI
  • task testing: problems shown in-line
  • accelerometer support for lower power and more responsive location detection (where hardware available)


There are a few changes to the UI that will (hopefully) make it easier to spot problems in tasks. The manual local backups have also been improved.

The cloud app backup option in settings appears to be the old style backups, not the new one from Android M. Not that the new one would do you any good yet, but it seems odd to implement the old one now. Maybe it works with the new version too? This is not clear to me, but you will at least be able to have your settings restored automatically. You can check the Tasker site for the full changelog, which is massive.  

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: $3.49