OnePlus put its "flagship-killer" on sale last week for $50 off. Now that you can actually buy it, that's a good deal. Today the company is announcing that the price drop is now permanent, and there's a Dropbox deal starting in just a few days.


The 16GB OnePlus One will now sell for $249 until it's replaced by another device... one of these days. The 64GB model is just $299. The company says that its costs have come down, so it's feasible to continue offering this price.

In addition to the standalone phone, there will be a Dropbox bundle available starting June 10th. For $349 you get the 64GB OPO and a year of Dropbox Pro with 1TB of storage. That's basically $50 for a Dropbox account that costs $100 normally (or a little more if you pay monthly). This deal will only be available in the US, Canada, and EU.