Last week, Google added several long-wanted features to Inbox by Gmail, like signatures and swipe-to-delete. That server-side update also brought along trip bundles, which will group all the emails you get about a single stretch of travel into one place to help you keep track of things. Today, Google was kind enough to give a formal walk-through for those of us who haven't received any qualifying emails since the update rolled out.

The featured image of this post shows how a trip bundle will look from the default view of your inbox. And as the time for your flight (if there is one) approaches, it will change to give you Google Now-esque updates on flight times:


When you tap on the bundle card, it expands into a list of emails just like any other category of emails. First, though, you'll see a fuller agenda with flight and hotel information. Google is probably assuming that you're checking these emails to look for those times, dates, and numbers, so they present those right off the bat.

trips4 trips5

If you're curious and don't have an upcoming trip, don't worry. If you go to the "trips" tab in the slide out menu, you can see your past travels.


Sometimes, Inbox probably doesn't seem all that revolutionary compared to good old Gmail. The more things like this Google manages to include in the product, though, the more "aha" moments users will get to experience.