When I wrote about Clue last year, I praised the app for its simple mature interface and its use of vibrant but not offensively head-to-toe pinkified colors. Among a sea of period trackers that had too much pink and purple and too many flowers and butterflies, Clue stood out as an app I could take seriously from the first look. However, the app's undoing was in its lack of a way to move your data across devices or restore it after a hard reset. That changes today with version 1.5.13.

Clue had already added backup and restore to the app in version 1.4.3, but account support does make it 10 times easier to use on multiple devices. Whether you own several phones and tablets or you want to keep the data up-to-date with your partner's device (like many of our male readers asked for in the previous post), you should only sign in once for everything to be in-sync.

clue-material-accounts-1 clue-material-accounts-2

V1.5.13 also improves the cycle view, with dots to visualize the different data points you enter (for mood, period, sex, pain, and more), but its most significant interface modification to us Android fans is the added Material touch. The status bar is now tinted and the navigation drawer is full-height. Clue says it has "lots of design improvements, inspired by Google’s Material Design guidelines," but I wasn't able to spot anything else that's changed. The app is still free to grab in the Play Store.