Most over-the-air updates include a few bug fixes, maybe a new bloatware app or two, and are thus not really worth getting excited over. Not so for the latest addition to T-Mobile's customized version of the Sony Xperia Z3. In addition to the long-awaited upgrade to Android 5.0, today's update flips a software switch that enables access to band 12, the 700MHz spectrum that T-Mobile began using for LTE earlier this year. If the prospect of wider, faster LTE for your phone doesn't make you excited for an update, I don't know what will.

Beginning June 3, the Sony Xperia Z3 will have a mandatory software update to Android version 5.0.2/ Build 23.1.C.0.385 available via OTA push or Sony PC Companion over Wi-Fi only. This update provides features and improvements:

New Features
  • Android 5.0 Lollipop
  • Band 12 support
  • VoLTE improvements
  • Device stability

The update info was posted to T-Mobile's support site a few hours ago, which means that the OTA may or may not be going out to users right this second, but at least a few of them should be seeing it by the end of the day. The 23.1.C.0.385 software build also includes "Voice over LTE improvements" and the usual stability tweaks. T-Mo will send the update out over Wi-Fi connections only, or you can check Sony's PC Companion Windows program for a manual upgrade.

User forums should have ZIP files for you to flash sooner or later, but remember that root or recovery modifications are likely to make the update fail, and after upgrading to Lollipop any changes to the /system partition will make your phone ineligible for future updates. Happy flashing.