Sad as it may be, if you've been hearing that the G4 has wireless charging right out of its shiny new box, unfortunately that just isn't true. LG went on the record with us to state that no version of the G4 will be shipping with wireless charging as a standard feature, and that you'll need to buy one of the company's Quick Circle covers if you want to get your battery those sweet, sweet electrons via induction. Here are the specifics.

Almost every G4 sold around the world will support Qi wireless charging - once you buy the Quick Circle case. The only version of the G4 with PMA charging is the one AT&T will sell here in the United States.

The AT&T G4 will require an AT&T-specific Quick Circle case that supports the PMA standard. The AT&T version does not appear to support Qi charging. It also appears unlikely that AT&T's G4 will be able to use the Qi-enabled Quick Circle cases from other carriers or retailers here in the US, though we were unable to get a full confirmation of this. (Update: Surprisingly, it looks like AT&T's version does support both Qi & PMA, though obviously it can only do one at a time since there is no Qi/PMA combo case for the G4. This means you can use the standard LG Quick Circle Qi case on the AT&T G4 for wireless charging.)

In addition, LG has stated that the Quick Circle case is available only in the rubberized / plastic finishes. So if you buy a leather back G4, you will have to go back to plastic if you want to charge wirelessly (the Quick Circle case replaces the stock rear cover).

As far as we know, the AT&T model is the only version of the G4 that will support both PMA and Qi, just not both at the same time. If you buy a G4 here in America, all four carriers will support wireless charging, you'll just have to throw more money at them (or someone else selling the cases) to get it.

At least there's Quick Charge 2.0! Which is miles faster than Qi anyway.