There's at least one thing you can get on your phone that doesn't require waiting on Android M. Google has pushed a new version of the Google Camera app, which we last saw bundled with the Android M preview. It's v2.5 and it comes with a cool new focusing animation. Check it out.


The old animation was a twisting circle, which is fine too. I don't know that the new one is more functional, but it's a refreshing change. Venturing into the settings, it also looks like Google removed the quality setting for the lens blur effect. It's probably just pinned to "normal" now. I never really saw a big difference with this setting personally, so maybe it's no loss.

This update is probably still rolling out in the Play Store. In the meantime, you can grab the new version from APK Mirror.

And more

There's also a preview bubble in the corner when you take a photo. Here are the changes we know of so far.

  • New focus animation
  • Much faster HDR
  • The thumbnail of the photo you just took shows as a little circle on the bottom right
  • Lens blur quality selector removed in settings (was Normal or Low before)

Google Camera
Google Camera
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