Stop the presses! We have groundbreaking news for you, fellow Android lovers with a knack for detail and an insatiable thirst for Material. If you remember Lollipop, you'll recall that this archaic OS had an even more archaic icon for Bluetooth when you went to share something. Oh, you've already hard reset your brain and can't recall anything prior to M? Here, let me jog your memory with a screenshot.

bluetooth-icon-old bluetooth-icon-new

Left: Barfville. Right: Yeah baby yeah! 

See? That's L on the lllleft and M on the mmmmright. It looks earth-shatteringly better, doesn't it? A material icon with the boldest bluest color and the longest shadow'est effect. It's as pretty and as important as the new green bugdroid icon we got in Android 5.1. This changes everything.