While it's not a particularly exciting set of updates, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are hugely popular handsets, so any OTA update is news in one sense or another. Today, Verizon's versions of the twin-sixes are getting an update to build VRU1AOD5, which seems like a bug fix and feature-tweak release.


Here's the full changelog.

Photo Editor

  • Drawing feature has been added to Photo Editor

Voice Call (HD Voice)

  • ‘Add Call’ button has been moved to app bar beside MORE.
  • Bluetooth button has been moved from MORE to on-screen.

Voice Call

  • Emergency call button has been added.
  • Various call performance improvements.


  • A popup message is provided of remaining time for next alarm

Additional Enhancements:

  • Location Icon – Location icon is now on the right side (system side) of the status bar. – Icon is static.
  • Conference Calls – Hide/Show button has been added. – Mute and Speaker buttons added on-screen when manager screen is shown. – ‘Drop’ text is added to individually drop a call from conference.
  • ’No Internet Connection’ pop up has been removed.
  • Google Wallet is now a preload in the application tray.
  • Back key now works in Facebook app.
  • If the user is placed on hold while on Video call, their camera buttons will grey out.
  • Rejected call and auto-rejected call icons have been updated.
  • ‘Stop’ button appears on app bar while device searches for nearby bluetooth connections. Once search is complete, it changes to ‘Refresh’. People Edge
  • Visual cue for People Edge is provided in the home screen.

Super, duper exciting stuff, right? The full software versions are LRX22G.G920VVRU1AOD5 for the S6 and LRX22G.G925VVRU1AOD5 for the Edge. If you want the PDF update documents for each, just hit up the source links below.