It has become accepted fact that Imgur is the best way to host images on the internet. Stop it with that Photobucket nonsense already. The official Imgur Android app has existed for a while, but it wasn't an ideal experience. Now with today's v2.0 update, it should be much better.

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Here's the amusing changelog for Imgur 2.0.

  • Our first fully native Android app, built from scratch and with love.
  • Redesigned gallery made just for mobile that lets you focus most on what matters: the images, comments, and community.
  • New and improved upload. Create a new post with your camera, saved images, and a healthy dose of your superior storytelling abilities.
  • Bug fix: you’ll no longer get stuck in an image loop.
  • Browse by topic to find the posts that interest you most.
  • Bug fix: you’ll no longer get stuck in an image loop

The old app (which was v1.4, by the way) used a lot of web elements and was kind of sluggish. The new one is native and does seem much more responsive. It has some material elements, but the status bar isn't tinted, and the floating action button for new uploads seems too small. These are minor annoyances, though. I'm more annoyed that it isn't compatible with tablets and a number of phones. C'mon, Imgur. We've got the APK ready for download at the link below if you want it.