A few days ago, we wrote about Google's new My Account interface, which had its material design debut coinciding with Google I/O. The new interface makes checking and adjusting your security and privacy settings both beautiful and easy.

The My Account page wasn't the only account management tool that got some material love though - Google's account history interface has also received a facelift. The account history page now ties together all your history from various Google services - history is broken into Web & App, Voice & Audio, Device info, Location, YouTube Watch, and YouTube Search, along with a general heading to turn on or off history for each of the above sections.

Screenshot_2015-06-02-21-37-28 Screenshot_2015-06-02-21-38-13 Screenshot_2015-06-02-21-37-49 Screenshot_2015-06-02-21-38-04

Every corner of the interface is new, and comes with the same awesome illustration style as My Account. You can even listen to past voice queries, and finally recall what your voice sounded like when you searched your calendar for "pretzel bread" one night in April - the only thing it can't tell you is why.

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