I never thought I'd live to see the day when BBM adopted an actually decent design on Android. I remember using the messaging service when it first came out on our platform, and it was a horrid experience from the tiny emojis to the clunky interface to the fact that everything didn't look right on Android. But BBM has been improving over the past months, adding Android Wear support, a landscape mode, message retraction, and more. The app is about to get another boost forward this time with a Material overhaul.


A new beta, released for members of the BlackBerry Beta Zone, packs a swanky new interface with bold colors, a transparent status bar, a FAB, and presumably more. (I don't have access to the Beta Zone so I couldn't test the new app.) But looks aren't the only improved part of this new beta. Also included are private chats where your contact's name is hidden, notifications are disabled, and the chat is deleted after a while — yay cheating! Message retraction is joined by message editing, so you can always claim, "But mom / boss / honey, I said I'd be there are 9 not 8!" And lastly, you should be able to update your status from the feed, without having to dig for the option.

BlackBerry warns that this is still a beta, so some functionality could be wonky and things may change in the final release. If you want to give it a go, you should ask for access to the Beta Zone and then download the app there.