Watch faces are a dime a dozen on the Play Store, or more accurately a few bucks each, so there's no shortage of choice when you want to make your wrist gadgetry look good. But if you're always aching for something new and slightly different, Animated Watch Faces might fit the bill.

The app comes preloaded with 24 nature-focused animations, half with an analog clock and the other half with a digital one. There are blossoming flowers, windy leaves and fields, and wavy water, all of which animate nicely when you turn your watch on. The app works on circular and square watches and has a few customization options for the clock, date, weather, and notification card sizes. It also prominently displays all of that information, along with the battery level, in ambient mode.

Although the developer claims that at least half of the themes in Animated Watch Faces are free, I only found 4 that are — 3 of which are digital and 1 that's analog. It appears that the rest require a 1EUR purchase for a small bundle of 8 themes or 2EUR for the entire pack. Still the app is free to try in the Play Store and you can see if you like its style and behavior before having to pay for more options.

Animated watch faces
Animated watch faces
Developer: vuxia
Price: Free+