The Lollipop update attached all the priority notification settings to the volume dialog, but you might recall most of that is gone. There's a little bit of Do Not Disturb in the Android M volume toggle, but more important is the improved access to individual volumes.

Screenshot_20150528-140914 Screenshot_20150528-140919 Screenshot_20150528-142715

In Android M you still get the ringtone volume when you press the toggle, but there's a small arrow that expands other volume options. It's basically like it was on KitKat tablets—you have a slider for the ringtone/notifications, media, and alarms. Nice to see that again, and it's on phones this time as well.

We already mentioned this in the Do Not Disturb post, but you can toggle on DND in alarms only mode by pressing the volume down toggle when you're already on vibrate. The volume control UI offers a button to end Do Not Disturb as well.