Google is a little early with the platform distribution numbers this month, but if you were hoping for big changes, you're going to be disappointed. The numbers look rather stable this month with Lollipop continuing its slow rise, even though Android M is just around the corner. Everything else has ticked downward, but guess what's still there... Froyo with 0.3%, just like last month.

2015-06-01 13_18_28-Dashboards _ Android Developers

Lollipop is split up into 5.0 and 5.1 with the former being the larger of the two by far. 11.6% of devices are on some version of 5.0, and another 0.8% are on 5.1. That's mostly Nexus devices and some Motorola phones. The 12.4% total for Lollipop is a solid gain over last month's 9.7% total.

That's really all the movement of note. Everything else is down a few tenths as people replace devices and (in some cases) get updates to Lollipop. Check out this nifty chart.