There's a new Humble Mobile Bundle available, and that means it's time to get out your wallet and buy some neat games. You get to help out some charities while doing it too. There are six games in the bundle right now, and more are on the way.

2015-06-01 15_25_03-Humble Mobile Bundle 13 (pay what you want and help charity)

There are two tiers in this bundle. In the pay-anything bin you've got Timelines: Assault on America, The Ministry of Silly Walks, and Hellraid: The Escape. If you pay more than the average price at the time of purchase, you get Puzzle Retreat, Worms 3, and Twisty Hollow. These games are all DRM-free and ready to install on your Android device of choice.

A few more games will unlock next week, but you'll get access to them even if you buy the bundle in its current form right now. Just make sure you get the premium tier or you'll probably miss out on the good stuff.