Last year the company that made it a thing to "check in" somewhere shed the social network aspect of its service and pushed out a complete redesign. The new Foursquare was less interested in where you've been and more concerned about where you're going. The experience now centers around personalized recommendations, and the latest version sticks those suggestions directly on your wrist.

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The Foursquare Android Wear app lets you search for interesting places in your area and get information on your smartwatch. There isn't much screen real estate to work with, but you can see a restaurant's location on a map, how far it is from your location, whether it's pricey, and its overall rating.

This update also brings changes to the way you view and interact with lists. Here's the changelog.

What's New:

  • Today’s update brings a new look to lists. When you see a list of great brunch spots or bars with live music, you can now easily follow that list with a single tap. Once you’ve followed a list, we’ll let you know when you’re near one of the places, so you remember to check it out.
  • Also, this update includes our Android Wear app! Run Foursquare on your wrist: great recommendations, unparalleled local search, and, we’ll let you know when you’re by someplace awesome.


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Foursquare City Guide
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