Have you checked out YouTube's swanky new interface yet? If you have, perhaps you went through the somewhat cumbersome method of enabling it by manually editing cookies with this Chrome extension. That's a bit much for a visual tweak that's hidden in fullscreen anyway, but after people around the web showed an impressive amount of interest in the revised player, it looks like Google went and put in a user-accessible switch instead.


To enable the newer view, go to youtube.com/testtube while logged into your primary Google account. Sign up for Test Tube (a series of beta options for YouTube, not unlike Chrome experiments) if you haven't already, then click "get the player" at the bottom of the screen. That's it, you're done. If for some reason you don't like the new version of the web player (maybe it messes with some of your existing Chrome apps or extensions?) you can return to this page and click "restore original player."

With apologies for Rick Astley.

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  • Cole Abbeduto