Google I/O this year was absolutely packed full of exciting announcements not just for Android, but all sorts of stuff. From Project Soli and Jacquard to less exciting but much more practically relevant things like new Cast APIs, along with an absolutely slew of Android M features, there was a ton going on at this year's show.

So, what at this year's show got you most excited? There really was a lot, so much that we're still digging through it at all (especially in regard to Android M), so think carefully, and check out our feature spotlight series if you're not sure you're remembering everything. You can also just basically look at the last 3 days of posts on Android Police - it's been our pretty near-exclusive focus this week, so you'll find no shortage of news here.

For me? It had to be Project Soli. If Soli can work as advertised, even if it's years from now, it could completely change the way we interact with all kinds of consumer electronics. Tablets and phones are just simple and obvious use cases - think about things like cars, home entertainment systems (your hand as your TV remote!), remote control vehicles, virtual reality. In my opinion, the possibilities are near endless - Soli could be the biggest breakthrough in interactive technology in a decade or more. It totally blows my mind.

But I realize everyone else may not agree, so let's get talking!