Google Smart Lock is one of the most practically useful features that have come out of the slew of announcements at I/O this year — allowing your device to associate your usernames and passwords for various apps and Chrome sites with your Google account so that you don't need to even bother with logging in when you want to use them.

Among Smart Lock's launch partners is Netflix, and the app's listing on the Play Store has been updated to include this functionality. Now when you install Netflix on a device with Smart Lock enabled (currently that's the M preview release and Lollipop devices where Google Play Services has enabled the feature), you will be asked if you want to save this password. The next time you try to sign in with Netflix on another device, or if you uninstall and reinstall it, the app won't even ask for your username and password, instead calling onto Smart Lock's saved credentials to log you in. Magical.

Screenshot_20150528-215612 smart-lock-passwords-demo-1

Netflix' version 3.12.2 build 5042 is available on the Play Store, and we've got a handy apk on APK Mirror as well.

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free+