There was a lot of backlash when Google did away with the dual notification/quick settings trays on large screen devices (which happened with Lollipop). Now it looks like the company is taking a slightly different approach with the notification shade on tablets - in the M release it has three different positions (left, center, right) and will drop down closest to wherever you actually swipe.

Screenshot_20150528-164552 Screenshot_20150528-164602 Screenshot_20150528-164544

According to Liam, who installed M on his Nexus 9, this is actually kind of jarring since there's no visual indicator as to where the shade will actually show up. Sure, there are some rough guidelines here, but those are fairly extreme. If you swipe kinda-sorta in the middle but not really, then where will it show up? Who knows. But it'll be one of those three positions.

Hopefully Google will clean up the implementation a little bit in the coming months, because I do think it's a good idea. We'll see.