A lot of round watch faces try to look exactly like traditional analog watches. Sometimes that's what you want, but the NOW watch face from Tha Phlash is a fun alternative. It displays the time in a small window at the top with past, present, and future helpfully marked in case you ever forget which way time moves.

The time is displayed on a series of spinning discs that come into view at the top of the watch face and align with the "present" marker. It reminds me a little of one of Motorola's stock watch faces on the 360. The rest of the face has a few glowing info boxes with the weather, date, battery, and so on.

NOW works on any Android Wear device, but it obviously makes a lot more sense on a round watch. The NOW watch face will run you $1.65 in the Play Store.

NOW - Watch face
NOW - Watch face
Developer: Tha PHLASH
Price: $1.99