Hashtags are a really big deal, guys. You can't just lovingly craft a hashtag by combining two existing words, then let some other company take those words and start using them more effectively than you. Aw, hell no. OnePlus doesn't like that Verizon has been using the #NeverSettle slogan, and has called upon the demon hoards of the internet to tweet snarky things at Big Red so they can take it back. Brilliant!

2015-05-28 09_30_31-Take Back #NeverSettle - OnePlus.net

For the uninitiated, OnePlus started using the #NeverSettle slogan before the One was even announced in 2014. That ended up being particularly odd as the One definitely forces you to settle in several places—but that's not the point. The point is clearly that it was really lame of a big company like Verizon to hijack a slogan invented by a tiny independent company of "tech dreamers" (that happens to be backed by one of China's largest smartphone OEMs).

So OnePlus' solution to the hashtag hijacking is for people to tweet about it. Because, you know, Verizon has been so responsive to complaints in the past, it'll definitely listen to angry tweets from randos on the internet. If you ask me, you don't need to spend your time helping companies fight over a hashtag.