Lenovo's Tech World conference seems to be a never-ending parade of real products and crazy concepts, and this Magic View smartwatch joins the ranks of the latter while still having some grounds in reality. "But Rita, what is Magic View?" I hear you ask. It's a smartwatch with two screens. Yesssss. Let that sink in for a moment.

The second screen, dubbed a "Virtual Interactive Display," is physically smaller than the main round display (which is reminiscent of the Moto 360, flat-tire and all), but can project an image up to 20 times its size. That is when you hold it close to your eye. Let me repeat: you'll have to hold your watch close to your eye in order to see the second display — I'm not sure what douche level this qualifies as but I'm certainly intrigued by the prospect of it becoming a social norm. The observation of eye injury incidence before/after its introduction to market should make for a cool statistics study.

Back to the watch, the display is supposed to act as a private way to view information, as opposed to the more public nature of smartwatch and phone notifications. You could use it to watch videos, see images, and there's a Google Maps Street View demo that uses the watch's sensors to twist the view around as you move your head (and hand).

I'm not sure if this is Lenovo's way of making something like Google Glass that is less permanently bolted onto your face or a crazy idea some R&D guy came up with after falling asleep during a boring meeting while resting his head on his arm, but that doesn't matter. The concept exists and Lenovo had to secure 120 patents to get here where it's ready to show some prototypes.

Yup, I'm sayin' this may be happening fo' realsies.