If you check the other apps from a developer in the Play Store right now, you get a boring generic list of apps. Going forward, you'll start seeing richer, branded pages where developers can properly display their wares.

2015-05-28 13_18_22-Google I_O 2015 - Keynote - YouTube

The new landing pages will have a large banner at the top, a custom profile icon, and a block of text that explains what the dev is all about. These pages will still have the full list of apps (though in a more pleasing way), but developers can also choose a specific app to feature.

Developer pages should start showing up soon, but I'd wager select larger devs will get first dibs. That's usually how these things go at least. Here's Google's new landing page.

2015-05-28 14_46_52-Google Inc. - Android Apps on Google Play