Ever since its first release, Inbox by Gmail has been donning more and more features, all priming it for its graduation from an invite-only state to a public release. And that moment is now. Inbox no longer requires an invite for regular Gmail users and Work customers, and has gained a couple of interesting capabilities along the way.

First up, and Hallelujah, you should be able to switch the default action for swiping from marking an email as done to deleting it. Second, signatures should be now available, so you can add your own flair to your communication. You'll remember that both features were hinted at by the Inbox team recently on Google+ and we'd already uncovered signatures in an apk teardown.

Undo Send, a welcome feature that Gmail's web users have enjoyed for years, is being implemented as well to save you from emailing your ditch day pics to your teacher or your new secret motorcycle deets to your disapproving wife.

On the smart side of things, Inbox is also getting better at bundling emails and helping you. Trip-related emails, like reservations and tickets, should appear in one bundle, and reminders are getting better integrated with Keep and to-dos.

Here's the full changelog:

**Thanks to your feedback, Inbox is now open to everyone—no invitation required.**
  • Introducing Trip Bundles - emails about a trip are bundled with important details highlighted
  • New setting to swipe to delete
  • New setting to set your signature
  • Undo Send - take back a message up to a few seconds after sending it
  • Reminders created in Keep will now appear in Inbox
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

While the app has jumped from 1.7 to 1.8 on its official listing, I can't see any of these changes in action in it yet, and neither can others. Either someone sent the wrong apk to the Play Store or the changes need a server switch somewhere to appear for us (though that's highly unlikely). You can still download the app from the Play Store or grab the apk below and hope for the best. Let us know if you are able to see any of these features.

Well, looky there, it seems the changes are server-triggered after all. They have started appearing for several users gradually, and I can see the option to swipe to delete on my phone. Signatures aren't live for me though yet, so we might be working with a staged server roll-out.



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File Name: com.google.android.apps.inbox-1.8_(94231013)-5623029-minAPI16.apk

Version: 1.8 (94231013) (5623029)

MD5: 8741ac2fb6519620f8b1da9f9cfb5c15

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