One aspect of Google Now Launcher that never felt quite right was the way you removed apps. If you happened to be on a home screen, saw an app icon, and decided to uninstall that app, you had to go to the app drawer to do that. You could get rid of the shortcut from the home screen, but not uninstall it. The Android M version now takes care of that small annoyance.

2015-05-28 20_44_54

When you drag it over uninstall, it will turn red. When it is hovering on remove, which just gets rid of the shortcut, the icon becomes grayscaled. This isn't exactly groundbreaking work here, but these are the details that can make Android M great. Of course, there's no good reason this version of Google Now Launcher can't make it to Lollipop and earlier devices as well.

The method of doing it from the app drawer hasn't changed much, though you get the informative and nice-looking color change there as well.

2015-05-28 20_54_17

We'll ignore the bug in the app info section for now. It is a preview release, after all!

This won't be an Android M exclusive feature.

After some testing, we've found that at least some devices running Lollipop also have this new uninstallation flow if they are running the newest Google app, available on APK Mirror. Be careful, though, since some of the team ran into problems using APKs pulled from Android M on their Lollipop phones.

Either way, we're sure these changes will make their way to pre-M software via official channels eventually. No Android M feature spotlight for this one!