Last year's Android L preview changed little between its I/O announcement and Lollipop's November release. This will apparently not be the case with Android M—Google expects to push an OTA update to the developer preview about once per month until M is done.

2015-05-28 21.15.20

This was mentioned in Google's developer documentation for the preview, but we checked with Google's Dave Burke to make sure. That's where we're getting the monthly time frame. Last year the minor L preview updates were only distributed as new images to be flashed, so this is especially cool.

If you go into the settings, the developer preview does indeed have an update menu, so I guess that's where you'll go when the OTAs come out. There will probably be updated system images too.

Update timeline

Google's developer site now has a timeline for the OTA updates. One is expected in late June and another in Early July. The latter will be nearly final, but the final version's release date is only listed ambiguously as "Q3."


More at 2:45 here.