You might remember way back in August of 2014 there was a cool addition to Chrome for Android that places possible answers to your queries in the Omnibar suggestions. It's been active this whole time, but only if you toggle the flag. Now it appears to be live for everyone.

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You don't even have to spell it right

You can give it a shot yourself by popping open the Chrome app (it's only working for me in the beta right now) and start typing a leading question like "weather in." Chrome will assume you mean to ask what the weather is like, and will show you a little icon and temperature in the suggestion list for your current location. It seems to have a lot of the knowledge graph stuff plugged in.

If you tap on the smart suggestion, it will take you to the Google search results with the info box at the top. It's a handy little feature that could save you some keystrokes.

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